New Wardrobe $650

This is for the woman who has no time to shop, hates crowded malls and is overwhelmed with picking things out and putting outfits together in a busy hot store with people everywhere! 

All the shopping and outfit curation is done before your fitting so none of your precious time is wasted.


Branding plays a key element weather you are a corporate professional or running a household and a family. Heather takes the essence of who you are and aligns it with your wardrobe to exude a consistent, confident, authentic you.

Up to a 5 hour fitting

10 + outfits

Items that don't work are returned for you the day after the fitting. You are not responsible for the returns.

Wardrobe Refresh $450

This is for the woman who has a few things in her closet she likes, but feels like she ends up wearing the same outfit over and over. 

Like the New Wardrobe service, all the work and heavy lifting is done for you.


Shopping will be done to add new pieces to your closet and outfits will be made using new and existing pieces.


Up to a 3 hour fitting.

3 Outfits.

Any items that don't work will be returned for you.

Special Event Styling $350

This is for the woman that wants to feel exceptional at her special event weather it be a wedding, charity or red carpet event. From dress to shoes to bag,  everything is sourced, purchased and put together for you. 

All Heather needs from you is the green light on the final look and your done.

You will gain access to Heather's network of high end designers.

Up to 1.5 hour fitting.

Any items that don't work will be returned for you.

Closet Edit $275

This is for the woman that doesn't need any new things and wants to better utilize the pieces she already owns.

80% of people only use 20% of their wardrobe. What a waste! Heather will edit your closet in the following ways...

Make a "donate" pile, a "keep" pile, and show you new and different ways to use the clothing you already have in your closet. You will be left with new outfits to wear, feeling refreshed and decluttered.

3 Hours


Digital Look Book $150

Choose between a Corporate or Lifestyle Look book. 

You'll receive 5 outfits complete with notes, how to wear the items included, possible substitutions and information on where to buy things.

This service can also be used for a weekend trip *up to 5 outfits*

The finished product is emailed directly to your inbox within 5 business days of placing the order


All Prices are in Canadian Dollars. A $3 Service Fee applies to Visa & Mastercard Payments. 

A 25% deposit will be secured upon booking all services.